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Guangzhou Yahan Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Since its establishment, it has been mainly engaged in tattoo, makeup and skin care products, and its main channels are sold online. As a beauty brand, “Yohan” was formally established in 2018. As an emerging brand, there is still a certain lack of consumer cognition and brand communication. Therefore, in the brand image, product packaging and offline materials, a complete and unified brand image is needed to achieve better brand communication. The combination of Chinese and English is not only easy for consumers to remember, but also conducive to the spread of domestic and foreign, while meeting the high-end temperament of the beauty and skin care industry.Therefore, in response to the lack of English names in Asia and South Korea, we have named English for Asian and Asian according to the Chinese name and brand characteristics of Asian and Korean; the new English name is not only homophonic with the Chinese name, but also easy for consumers to remember. Highly transmissive; secondly, the pronunciation of "Yoo" is the same as that of "excellent", reflecting the superiority of Asian and Korean products.


BEST STUDIO is a cutting-edge growth graphic creative studio, involving creative fields such as brand design,font customization, poster design, cultural and creative product development, etc. We advocate combining artistic thinking with business logic, and hope to explore modern design through multi-dimensional thinking and create an effective visual language for customers from an international perspective.

BEST STUDIO & 白色至上设计是一间新锐的成长型图形创意工作室,涉及品牌设计、字体字型定制、海报设计、文创产品开发等创意领域。我们主张将艺术思维与商业逻辑相结合,通过多维度思维探索现代化设计,以国际视野为客户打造有效地视觉化语言。

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